Completed Aux. Tank Installation

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This is what the tank looked like before I cut off the saddles. Click on the picture to see another view. You can see that this must be installed from the top..with most of the interior alum. skin in the boot removed.

As the tank was shpped from Fuel Safe. after I cut off the "saddles".....

The Tank tes

Test fitted, it fit almost perfect, Just had to cut access for the shock bolts.

You can see the original fuel cell sitting below the new tank. This will give me a fuel capacity of about 17 US Gal.

Looking under the car at the bottom of the new tank...You can see on the right, the solonoid valve used to switch the tanks.

The Final Installation. Still leaves room for spares and tools. Will have to put luggage on the rack.

The fit to the Roll Cage is tight, about 1/8 inch. This was not necessary and will be cut back when I send the tank for maintanence in a few years.