Lotus Owners World Wide

Send in your photo of you and your car. Lotus, Caterham, Westfield, Birkin are welcome. Sharing the thrill of drving the cars designed, built or inspired by Lotus, a company known for cars that handle, are fun to drive and always allow you to meet really nice people. Email them to me Every 15 to 20 photos I receive, I will post. Please include your name, city, state and country. If you want to be included in the spotlight..send in a little something about you and your car.



Adam Parsons

Bill Rabel

Brian Anderson, Texas

Butch Anton

Dave Harris, Reno NV

Ed Luce

Elton Clark,

Sherman, TX

Gordon Nudd

Jim Manson

John Abbott,


John Greeven

Corvallis, OR

John Hartley

Milwaukee, WI

Mike Knowles Hemel


Hertfordshire UK.

Paul Whittle

Peter Wehrman,

Zug, Switzerland

Stuart Smith,

Aukland, NZ

Valentino d la Riva