Elan M100 AutoEurope Shifter Modification

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Now move back to the Engine Compartment. Reassembly is the reverse of how you took it out. First put back on the Circlips that hold the cables in the Transmission Bracket. Take your time. You have to push the cables from the back into the bracket so the slot is visable for the circlips. It takes a few tries. One of mine went in with my hand. The other I had to push in with a flat bladed screwdriver.

Then reconnect the cables to the transmisson arms. They go on just the same way that they came off. You cannot mix them up. Replace the coolant overflow tank and the bottom hose. Remove the rags you put into the manifold opennings and then replace the large pipe. If you have a blowoff valve and have disconneted the hose for it, don't forget to put it back on now. Then replace the top coolant overflow tank hose, refill the coolant, put on the cap for the coolant overflow tank. and you are done. Make sure you did not leave any tools in the car.. Shut the bonnet. (or hood if you are American)

Go back inside the car......

Replace the center console, the reverse to how it came out....

Screw back on the shifter boot and shifter knob......

Fit the shifter boot into the opening.

Mess around with it a bit.