Elan M100 AutoEurope Shifter Modification

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To put it back in, you simply reverse the procedure.This is a shot of the carrier.

Insert the shifter assembly into the car, slightly..just enough to connect the cables.

Reattach, with the EClips and washer, the cable on the right.

Put the bolt from the cable on the left into the hole on the shifter arm.

Using 2 wrenches..

...tighten it up.

Repositon the shifter assembly in relation to the 4 holes. Gently pushing it down and forward. You will have to jockey it into position. Take your time. It will go back in.


Takes a little patience. It will eventually line up.

AutoEurope will have removed the rubber grommet and the shift boot. Replace the rubber grommet now..and using the 4 allen head screws, hand start them...they are tricky...then finsh with a socket..Don't cross thread these!