Elan M100 AutoEurope Shifter Modification

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Moving to the engine compartment, this is the area you will be working in. I have a blow-off valve on the pipe to the intake manifold, you may not. First, remove the small hose that goes to the top of coolant over flow tank..

Remove the pipe to the intake manifold by undoing the clamps, sliding off the hose, and lay it on the engine. Stick some cloth into the openings to stop you from dropping things in there. Don't forget to remove it when you put it back together.

Using some sort of siphon, or an old turkey baster, remove the coolant from the overflow tank, and then remove the hose on the leftside/bottom of the coolant recovery tank. Remove the one screw holding the tank in place and remove the tank. Looking down, you will see the shifter cables

Revised 10/10/01

These are the retaining clips you are going to remove...There are the small wire pins on each of the shifter cables where they connect to the transmission arms and the E clips are where the cables come through the bracket on the tranmission. These E-Clips are the new type, which used to be plastic, and would break. If you have the plastic ones, replace them with these. Don't lose these. Be careful not to lose the washers and the other bits when you romove the cables from the transmisson arms. Make a note how they come off.

This is a close up of the shifter cables and the tranmission arms,and the transmisson bracket. You cannot put the wrong cable on the wrong arm.

Once you remove the circlips and the Eclips and the cables from the arms, gently push the cables back though the bracket on the transmission, just a few inches...not all the way


(I dont have any pictures of the next 2 steps. Refer to the end of the article where I am replacing the shifter and replacing the Allen screws that hold the shifter down.)
Go back into the car, Gently remove the leather shifter boot by pulling up at the edge, You will see 4 Allen head bolts at the corners of the rubber shifter grommet. Remove these bolts, and pull the shifter assembly out just enough to unclip (another E Clip) the cable on the right...and unbolt the cable on the left. Do not pull it out all the way. That is why you pushed the cables through the transmisson bracket a few inches. To give you some slack here.