Setting Toe Using the "Old Man" Method

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Keeping the pole steady so that the stationary spike is still on the line at the other tire....Using tape..tape the spike so that the point of the movable spike is right on the line of this tire...and tape it tight so it does not move.

Make sure it is tight on the pole. If it moves, you have to start over. At this point, the both spikes should be pointed at the lines you have drawn on the tires.

Carefully, take the stick and slide it under the car at the back of the tires.

Move the permanent spike end so that it lines up with the line on the back side of the first tire.

A little light....

On the other side, check where the other spike is pointing, The difference in inches on this side is the toe. On my car it is right on the line, so I have "0" toe-in..

If the point is to the "car" side of the line, you have toe-in. If it is to the "outside" of the line, you have toe-out.

More of the setup

New Front Nose...Cool

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