Cruise Control

Set 4

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What you are looking at here is a stock
Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)
from a Toyota. It is basically out of a Matrix or Vibe.
It is also the sameVSS from many Toyotas.
I bought is off EBay for $40.
If you stand on your left side of the car,
look down right under the bleed
screw on the coolant hose you will see
the blanking plate now in the car.
You remove that and put in the VSS.
To get more info on the correct sensor to buy,
Click on this link HERE

The one I bought did not comewith a plug,
so I went to NAPA and they had some single spade
connectors that went over each one of the 3 pins.
I then put the spade connectors
on the wires , shrink tubed them,
wrapped them in self vulcanizing tape so they
would not short one another. I then put each
of the spade connectors on a pin, wrapped
it all in self vulcanizing tape. I then tested the unit and
put it in the spot where the blanking plate was.

To test the speed sensor. go to this post

Get a battery and a ohm meter. Hook it
up like it says and if you turn the gear,
you will get 4 hits of battery voltage
continuity per each 360 degree turn. .

Run the wires from the servo unit and the 3 wires from the VSS
to this spot under the car. You have to remove the bottom panel.
Wrap the wires in tape or use the plastic wrapping you
get with the kit. You just don't want to have the
wires rub and short out on the sharp edges.
There is also a ground wire on the servo unit. I put a longer
peice of wire on that ground wire and connected it to
the ground wire coming from the VSS.
Then I just ran the one ground wire up to the front of the car
to ground it up there. I guess you could ground it back
somewhere in the rear of the car, but I like the grounds up front.

Here you see the wires passing through the
bulkhead running along the center console.
I should mention that I have removed the seats
and the center console, along with the12 volt
plug holder/cubby. It is easier to have someone
in the car when you feed those wires to the front.

Close up. I also have wires for a oil temperature
and oil pressure gauge running here, so it is a bit
crowded. You may have to notch the front of the
bottom panel to allow room for the wires. I have
pictures of that later. Of course if you have a DBW
car (Drive by Wire), everything is up front and you
can get a speed sensor reading from the radio wires.

I got lots of wires in here. I had to lengthen the red. brown and
violet wires as they just reach the top of the center divider.
You can see where I velcroed the reciever for the RF
receiver for the on off cruise control button.

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