Cruise Control

Set 3

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Remove the screws that
hold the wheel liner in.

Remove the liner.

This is looking up at the area above the liner.
My car has a superharger, so I have
located the evaporative cannister to this spot
You will probably have more room in
your car to mount this somewhere in this

You must set your dip switches on the
servro head before you mount this in your
car. Just read the manual and the only changes
I made were to change the setting from auto to
manuel transmission, 4 cyl, and a few others.
Check the manual and see what I have changed.
My settings, using the RF transmitter switch are:
1off, 2on, 3on,4off, 5off, 6off, 7on, 8off, 9off, 10on,
11off, 12off. I honestly don't dont know if this is
correct for the rest of the switches as I will not be able to
test this unit till the spring. The pulses per mile is 4000
if you are using the Toyota Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)

The idea is to use the black
bracket that comes with the
cruise control unit to mount the unit. Make sure you use the
screws that came with the unit.

Basically you want to mount this
so that the cable
goes up and over to the motor
without the cable kinking over to the throttle area and
the wires taking th shortest route down to the
opening in the bottom of the car, between the seats
where the parking brake cables go into the passenger cabin.
You will have to make a gentle loop in the servo cable as
it is too long. I made it right behind the manifold, but
again, my car is supersharged so the manifold is a bit different

This takes some time, fitting,
bending, refitting till you get it right.


This was a litte to close to the chassis,
so I bent it back a bit.

Almost there.....

....gettting it closer. I WOULD MAKE SURE THAT
CHASSIS. You do not want to vibrate a "hole" into
the hosing to let moisture in.


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