Cruise Control

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This is a close up shot of the

aux. switch kit. You need one of
these for the clutch pedal. You
use the stock brake light pedal
switch for the brake pedal.

This is the dash switch if you
want to use this instead of the
RF remote control switch. This is what
I would have used if I had
a medical condition such as a
internal heart defibulator the
preludes you from using RF
devices such as remote conttol
airplanes or such.

This is a right mounted column
stalk which also can be used
instead of the RF swicth. This
mounts on the right side of the
steering column by the ignition
switch. You can also get a
stalk switch for the left side, but
one of my friends has a left
mounted stalk cruise control
awitcha and he always hits it
when he gets into the car.

This is where I would mount
the dash switch if I had used it.

This post it note is the same
size as the switch to give you
amd idea of the location.

This is the throttle adapter I used for the install. It does not fit
perfectly as designed, but I will get more into that later. To get an idea
of how this works, go to this
video. This is NOT an Elise, but
gives you an idea of where we are going. Look at the video, you will
see that the adpater has a tab that is close to the slot where the cable
runs in the groove of the throttle. The idea is that when the cruise servo pulls on the throttle adapter and pulls the throttle back, this tab will keep the throttle cable in the slot.
Ours will not be that way and I cannot find an adapter to work that way. But, I made a modificaton that I am satisfied works well for me. You may not feel that way and again I am not responsible for the correct or incorrect way I did this. If you have any
cocnerns, go see a shop qualifed to do such modifications. People
far wiser then me that know what they are doing design this stuff. It is with great caution that you should modify any part of a kit or car.

After making sure the car is
supported SAFELY on jackstands.
remove the right side rear wheel.

Remove the inner liner.

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