Lotus Esprit X180R

(Pictures below discription)


1991 Lotus Esprit X180R. 23,000 miles. This is number 6 of 20 Esprits built by Lotus to homologate the Esprit for the American SCCA
Sports Car Club of America Escort World Challenge.
This is a very rare automobile and we believe it to be the only one still with it's original purchaser. (if that is wrong, let me know)

We believe this car to be one of 16 or 17 left and certainly one of the most original and unmodified.
The 20 cars were basically street versions of the the X180R race cars, but can be legally registered for street use. Car has most of the race
equipment that the race cars had including roll cage, belts, etc.

This is a 1 owner 23,000 mile car. In storage for the past few years, car was parked when the turbo was only
at half boost. Owner just got involved in other things and time moves on. Car was stored, covered, in a dry garage.

This model just does not come up for sale very often and is a must have for the Lotus collector. In fact in all my years of Lotus, I have only seen one come up for sale.
Most are sold quietly between collectors.

Car comes with lots of options listed below.
Radio has been removed but comes with car. The car presents really well with inteior and exterior very original.
Everything is very original and has the "Bundy" suspension upgrade. According to the owner is not aware if any of the other 19 cars were ordered with
ordered with the "Bundy' suspension upgrade as this car was.

It also has has a turbo and chip upgrade modification that was not on any option list.
Sort of a "skunkworks" modification done by Lotus USA.

Car will need what any Esprit that has sat for a while needs. A tune up, belts, tires, services etc.

Located in the northeast USA, Car is available for inspection with refernces provided by the potenial buyer.

Options that go with the car. Prices after options were the costs when the car was purchased new.

Custom BBS Competition Three Piece Wheels (4): $2916.00
X180R Revolution Wheels (6/ 2 15” Front): $2582.00
Cate-Bundy Racing/Carrera Coil Over Suspension (installed): $3718.40 (Original Parts Retained)
Willans L & R Five Point Racing Harness: $600.00
Service at Lotus USA/S4S Turbo and Chip Installed-Baffle Added to Oil Pan
Stock 1991 Esprit Muffler (New)
2 slightly used 1991 Catalytic Converters (need a little welding)
Used S4S Turbo (needs repair)
Two Full Sets of Shop Manuals (1990 Esprit SE/Esprit + X180R): $878.83
Hot Lap In Car Timer: $295.00
Video Camera Mount: $94.95
Steering Rack and Misc. Other Parts: $2000+
Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Shifter Short Throw Conversion
Repair Kit-C/Cooler Pump: $125.93
Oil Filters: $74.40
Custom Tan Flannel Car Cover: $125
SuperTrapp: $103.95

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