LOONY Breakfast
Late August

Wow....What a day!!!

Here I go again....

...in the 7 with Brian
behind me with ....


Just a great day!

I am sure that JV is
telling Brian I am ...

...going TOOFAST!

Lots of LOONYs!

David helping
Gary with his car.

Still working on it,
steering wheel as loose!

Dave's Caterham

Brian and sons had
a rad hose failure, and...

..the hose they got
from NAPA had a
razor cut (from the box
cutter we assume)
in the side right
from the store.

Luckily they did not....

..the section with the
razor cut....

...so they could fix it!

All done.

Mary, Joanne,
Dave and Pat

Dave, Stephen,
Gary and Doug

Brian and Joanne

Brian C and his son

Lost them again.

Great Drive