Lotus Owners Gathering 33

Set 1, all Photos by Tony Vaccaro and Remington Vaccaro

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The LOONYs....

...getting the ballots...

...set for the car show.

Ang and Rem leaving
for the Glen

Off they go.

Bob Dance and I
setting off for the Glen.

Yes, all, he did ride
with me, nobody
told him how I drive.

Richard in the Jag...

... Steve A was
also with him all
the way to the Glen.

Stopping for a ....

....bit of tea in Attica.

Great Day

Great Drive

Great Friends

See, Bob made it to
Hammondport to see
the Curtiss Museum!

Paaing through Tyrone

...... one of my
favorite small towns

We arrive, and it was
a great drive!

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