Geneseo Late May

Great Sunday Morn...

..they said it was...

...going to rain. but
it was clear and warm.

Brian and Dave

Nothing like the 7

Tony G, Gary, Floyd
and Mickey.

This is our favorite ... of all the
LOONY drives.

Well, except for
pa 144 and 44

The 4 Elises following

Good Morning all...

Floyd and Mickey


The Cars

Mickey in her
Isadora Duncan pose.

Floyd and Mickey

Dave pulled his 7 in
for some pictures

Nice talk today.

We all had a good

Tony's 7

Tony G, Lyn, Dave Z
Dave L and Gary

They were getting ....

....on my case about
the 'Vaccaro" wings

Off he goes.

It was a great drive ...

.....back with Gary...

...behind me for a
while, then Brian
snuck in.

You never know
who is going to be
in front of you when
you crest those
blind hills!

Up ahead is Attica!

You can see the
State prison in the

Gary pulled along side..

..while we were
waiting for the train.

Some people on the
7's list were talking....

...about oil pressure...

...and oil temp in a
crossflow 7,
this is mine on a
80 degree day.


Gary peeling off.....
Great Day.