Bronte Creek Car Show 2010

Off we go to Bronte...

...Great Day.

We took the back
roads up as....

...the bridges over
Grand Island were
under construction.

Now in Canada....

Mike and his Esprit


Yes that is an Evora

A lot of Sevens showed


Fellow LOONYs
John and Mary's Elise

Rob's Esprit

Brian and I like MINIs

MGBs...Lots of them




John and Brian

Mary and John
and their Elise

Nice modified Elan

Al and I once drove
across NYS in our
Caterhams together.

Is there anything more

Future Lotus Owner...

...and son.

Future Lotus Owner

Future Lotus Owners

Never know who is
going to sit in your car

Future Lotus Owner

Mike and his 7

Mike wrote a GREAT
book about building
a Caterham.

Available at

The drive back was
great, but a at the
speed limit.