Bergen Mid November

Or What We Think Will Be Our Last "CAR" Breakfast of the Season

Getting the Lotus
READY and Bud
and his Plymouth
joined us!!!!!

Jill and Marty did not
make it but we took
the Elise to get the
fuel out of it.

I drove the black
Elise and Brian took....

.....the Red Elise.

Great Day.... was actually warm.

Some clouds but
no rain till later.

Here comes the train... we hit the train...

....i knew we made
good time as this..

...train gets here
before 9AM.

And off we go....

Nice group for a last...

....minute breakfast.

New Esprit in the group

Pretty car.

Brian, Joe and Lyn

Mary and Cheryl

Gary, John and Bill

Bill GREAT Jag.

Joe, Bud and Brian


What a motor!!!

Bud in his Prowler...

Mary, Tony
and Cheryl.

Heading back home

Nice drive today

Gary and his Elise

These guys are

Very Pretty Car

We ended back
home with less then
1 gal in each car.....