Bergen Mid October

Nice Day in Oct and
we left the house with
Ken in his Exige right
behind me.

Stopped for fuel for
the "thirsty" Caterham!

Elise and the "Training
Lotus" waiting.

Jill jumped in beind me.

Going through....

...Akron State Park.

The State just finished
this bridge.

Sunny Day

Jill stayed right me,
takes after her dad!

Hey...looks like a lot
of cars here today.

yes....a great....


We took up....

5 tables!

More cars showed!

Jill and her Dads 7

Lyn's Esprit

A few Lotus with the
"dumpster" at the end.

Ken's Exige 240

Floyds Elise

Bill , Brian and John

Nice Esprit!

Great Showing today!!

We set a LOONY ..

...record for cars and

Jill, Nate and Lyn

Great Drive back.

Jill stayed right with me.

Really nice day.

Fall Colors

Back at LOONY HQ

Ken and his Exige