First UK Car Day....

Looked a little....

..."iffy" when we left
for the UK Car Day.

We got a little lost.... I followed this
TR4 or is that a TR5?

Brian and Floyd
bringing up the rear.

Floyd was
preregistered so he....

....went ahead with
Brian and me waiting.

Nice Group of Lotus.

This is the first
UK Car Day held at
Genessee Park in
Rochester NY

John pulled in with
his very clean Elise.

John and Mary

I wonder what she
does with the glove....

Geoff and his Caterham

Sue, Floyd and Brian

Bob's Esprit

Such a pretty car.

Floyd and Brian...
Thanks for treating
Brian to lunch!!!

What the hell is Geoff

I guess "cleaning" is a
concept I don't

Lyn and Brian

Sue, Lyn and Bob

This couple looks like
they should be in a 7

Looking for an Elise...
Brian helping them out.

There is Lyn's Esprit

Mary's beautiful award
winning MGB.

Future Lotus Owner

My Thumb

Rain looks like it is
coming so we get
ready to leave.

Driving back on the looked like rain
up ahead.

And we got hit hard.
I had the top off and
it came down in
buckets. Could not
even see the road.
Too busy to take
a picture.

in Batavia the roads
were flooded. Thought
I was driving a boat.

Poured on and off
all the way back
to Buffalo.
We got soaked....
but you can only get
so wet.....then it
does not matter.