Letchworth 09

Set 1
The Lotus Owners of New York revive an
OLD Tradition and go to Breakfast
At Runk's Cabin in Letchworth State Park.
Last time we were here was 1998!!

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Beautiful Oct Morn...

...we left at
about 8AM and headed to
Letchworth State Park

I am driving the Elise
and Brian is using the
MINI as a "pack mule"

We meet up with Don
and Paulette from
Ontario Canada.

Really great day....

...one of the few
without rain this year.

Brain was taking it easy
as we had the car full
with breakfast food
and cooking things.

It was $6 to get into
the park, but thats OK.

Letchworth is called
the Grand Canyon
of the East.

We arrive to meet Nate

Don and Paulette

Nates Elise and
Bud's Prowler.

Tony's Elise

Brian's Friend

Micky and Floyd

Chris, Amanda
and Tony

Mary, Bud and Chris
talking about what
I do not know but by
the look on Bud's face..
Must be interesting.

Chris's Miata and
Mary's Elise

Tony cooking over
a really HOT fire...

The Bacon got.....

...out of Control!!!

Thought we were going to have
really crisp bacon

Cooking the eggs
was really tricky.

Everyone brought

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