The Glen 2009

Set 1

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We left at 5:30AM!!!

..but did not take
pictures till it got light.

Brian and Paula


We stopped off.... Mcdonalds in
Dansville to meet
Floyd in his Elise.


Heading to the Glen...

It started to rain so I
put up the hood.

Had to stop again...
Flapping around.

Stopped raining....

We got the Glen...
just in time and took
off on the rally.

Stopped for Fuel with..

...Dave and Steve in ...

...their Caterhams

Rally was nice..

..moved along well

..bute we should not ..

...have followed others.

We go stuck waiting.

..and almost missed...


Steve and a looker.

At the winery.... needed a little..


Tony, Paula and Brian

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