Bronte Creek Car Show

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It was just Floyd and
I driving up together...
Lyn had car trouble and
John and Mary drove
up separate.

Lyn's Esprit would
not start as his battery
was dead and Chris was
riding with me....

We stopped for
some currency
conversion and....

We took it easy/////

You know you are..... CANADA!!!!

It was so clear that..... could see the
Toronto skyline
from the Burlington

We found a TR6 and...

...other stuff driving in.

Talk about road rage!!!

Very nice TVR here
had a 343 Stroker V8
(you can see picture
later on..)

Quite a line getting in.

Al and his Seven...


Vendor area

They always have
a British touch....

Mary, Chris and John
Lots of MINIs

I would say over 100


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