Frank and Amy Breakfast!!!!!

Waiting to get going....

..and there is Brian
right behind.

We meet up with Gary

One of my favorite

It's Frank and Amy!!!

Gary, Floyd and Micki

Tony and friend....

Gary's Elise

Floyd's Elise

Lotus 111

John;s Caterham

Lyn, Frank and John

BIG! Group.

We had to get 5 tables

Lotus Car Show
out front....

Brian talking Lotus...

Brian and Alexe

Bob's Esprit

My Elise

Frank and Floyd

Floyd and Micki get
ready to "MOTOR"

Tony G's Elise

Lyn and Jeff

Micki gets in the
driver seat for the
trip home.

Joanne, Pat,
Sue and Amy

Checking out
Jeff's Elan.

Tony and Gary

Gary moves out....

Frank and Amy...

Off to the Oatka Trail

Brian and I
switched cars...

Miata is much more
of a handful then the

Brian and Alexe....

Great Shot....

Great Drive..
Great Friends...