Bergen Breakfast Oct 2, 2005

Our son & girlfriend
in the MINI ....

..2nd in line of our.. to Bergen.

Eighteen for a ....



We had to sit at
seperate tables

Cheryl is always
ready for a shot!

Joe's Esprit

Jay's Elise
Bob and Karen's Elan
Nate's Elise

Tony's Elise
Brian's Mini
Gary's Elise

Bob and Karen take
the Mini out for a spin

Cheryl and Gail


One of our group has
a Prowler...yes a

Joe, Susan and Brian

Gary, Lyn, Bill, Bud

Gary's Elise

Karen liked the MINI

Bill and Cheryl...

....take off.

Bud's Prowler and
Lyns S1 Esprit

Susan and Brian

Dave and Gary

Brian and Susan in
the Elise

Were in the.....

...Mini for the ride
home. ...

..and the Lotus behind.