Bronte Creek All British Car Show

Set 3

Toronto, Ontario

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Sevens one way...

..then the other way.


..over 250 of them.

Yo never know when you will run into a LOG Shirt..this one from LOG 8

Ray and Joan way..

..and the other way.

That nice Elan.

Randy, Tony
Dave and Dave

Dave's great new Plate.

A Healey with a Jag motor. As Bill B. said..worst of both worlds!!!!

Nice Healey
The most Bugeyes
I have ever seen in
one place

More Lotus Guys...

Still more...

Me..with the Canada Lotus guys..

Dave and his nice 7

You see Lotus Ltd trophies all over the place

Some LOONYs..and some Canada LOONIES

Future .....

..Seven Owners.

One of my shirts!!!!!

Robert...his smile says it all!!!!

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