LOG 22 Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Sept, 2002
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I would like to apoligize to all that may be looking at the site and wondering where their picture is.
It appears that I lost the last set of pictures....now this could have been the rain..or the fact that I
dropped the Cam...but again I am sorry..especially to the nice young woman that lent me some
purple nail polish at a gas station to paint the "white" bulb in my dash "pruple" so it would not bother
my eyes....and the guys from University of Wisconsin at Madison...that had the Hybrid vehicle..Again..Sorry

Picking up the T's

Dave and I

Our Cars






Goggles ready

Looks like rain...
Putting up...

...the hood.


...and other stops.




Dave N

Dave and Tony at 80

In the Rain....

Getting Soaked

Doing 80

More Rain